DeKalb Preparatory Academy is a School Wide Title I Program.  As of February 2012, The State of Georgia was granted a waiver from No Child Left Behind.  According to the definitions in the waiver, DeKalb Preparatory Academy has jointly developed this policy and compact with our parents to describe how we will support the important role of parents in the education of their children.  In cases where the students reside in a Neglected and Delinquent residential facility, a representative from that Facility can serve as a proxy for the parent(s).  At DeKalb Preparatory Academy, we build capacity for parent/community involvement by implementing the six types of involvement: Parenting, Communications, Parent Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision-making and Governance, and Collaboration and Exchanges in the Community. 

Based on the requirements of Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 Reauthorization (ESEA), Section 1118 and the needs identified by our parents and school staff surveys, we will provide reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.  The following strategies were outlined:

  • An Annual Title I information session and other flexible scheduled meetings will be held throughout the school year.  These meetings will cover the following information:
    • Title I Programs
    • Parent’s right to know about Teacher and Paraprofessional qualifications
    • Parent Information Workshops & Parent volunteering
    • School policies and procedures
    • School curriculum
    • Student assessments
    • Local and State assessments
    • Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (K12) for Science/Social Studies.
    • Georgia Standards of  Excellence for ELA/Math.
      • Georgia Milestones
      • MAP Assessment
    • Transitioning from: 
      • Pre-K, Head Start and other such programs to DeKalb Preparatory Academy.
  • Parents will receive information from our school in a timely manner.  DeKalb Preparatory Academy currently uses the following methods of communication to provide parents with timely information:
    • E-mail
    • School Web Site
    • Student Grade Reports
    • Parent Resource Center
    • Infinite Campus
    • One Call Now System
    • Newsletters and Flyers
    • Education Technology Communication Network ( Class Dojo (K-5) and Edmodo (6-8) ) 
  • DeKalb Preparatory Academy will build our parents’ capacity for strong parental involvement.  In order to ensure effective involvement,  DPA encourages all families to be education partners in their children’s school success by:

    • Hosting and inviting parents to attend meetings and school sponsored events to support their students education.
    • Inviting parents to serve on committees and/or give their input as it relates to the use of Title I funds, Parent Policies,  and Action Planning Committees.
    • Providing meetings held during the school day and outside school hours.  These dates and times will be listed on the school website and will also be sent home to parents via newsletter and email.