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A diverse K-7 community where teachers, children, parents, and leaders learn together.

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About DeKalb Preparatory Academy

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DeKalb Preparatory Academy is the diverse K-7 community where teachers, children, parents, and leaders learn together. Students cultivate knowledge and learn to think critically and act collaboratively and compassionately. Our experiential curriculum intertwines sciences, humanities, and the arts to prepare children to shape our world.

We believe in our responsibility to partner with parents, creating an ideal environment in which students will have the opportunity to:

  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Explore a diverse curriculum
  • Prepare to succeed in a global environment
  • Provide service to a growing community
  • Participate in character education, developing a respect for others through exemplary mentorship
  • Experience cooperative educational communities in all content areas from fine arts to technology
  • Develop into life long learners


We will offer an extended school day and academic year to allow for true mastery rather than cursory coverage of the curriculum.


DeKalb Preparatory Academy’s curriculum will combine the rigors of solid skill building in the core content areas of English/Language Arts, Math and Science with an interdisciplinary humanities and social studies curriculum. The core curriculum will include the nation’s top rated Journey’s Reading, Saxon Math, Fusion Science, and Spanish.


To master true computer literacy, students require hands-on access to computers as a tool for authentic learning. DPA will equip each classroom with computers and provide a laptop for each teacher and administrator.


The barometers that will gauge DPA’s success include higher student standardized test scores, market progress in the quality of performance-based assessments, improved student attendance, and retention as well as enhanced motivation, satisfaction, and morale on the part of students, teachers, and parents.

Secure Environment

Safety is a top priority. DPA will provide an emotionally and physically safe learning environment. We recognize that effective instruction requires an orderly environment focused on learning and that the school must support parents’ efforts to teach their children the principles of excellence. We are committed to providing students with a sense of belonging and a feeling of significance so that they feel safe to learn, to grow, and to thrive.


DPA is committed to hiring, training, and retaining star teachers and talented leaders in educational management. All teachers will be highly qualified, experienced individuals who have a strong sense of purpose and a willingness to challenge themselves as life long learners. Our teachers will compel all students to excel by concentrating on engaging every child in learning and by holding students and themselves to high standards.


We believe that a close connection between home and school is crucial to student performance. DPA will expect parents to be actively engaged in their children’s education. Because every child needs stability, continuity and a champion who believes in his or her human potential, the Academy will work to foster a close connection between home and school. Specifically, the school will work with parents and others with positive influence to improve attendance, to assist with homework, and to intercede at the first hint of difficulty.

DPA Advisory Committee

DPA will be vitally linked to the community it serves, and the Advisory Committee will play an important role in forging and maintaining this link. The general community may not be aware of what charter schools are or how they operate, and the committee will help by providing accurate and timely information. The committee will also assist by providing residents information on pre-enrollment, and by obtaining supportive letters from business leaders in the community. For information on volunteering please contact us.